Why I do what I do

I believe in helping people to become a better version of themselves. Whether it is about teamwork, using your character strengths, appreciating what you’ve got – I believe in growth. This is why I work with positive psychology – the theory of using your talents, developing yourself and enhance your well being.

What I do

I put my philosophy to practice in my work: training, coaching, doing workshops for personal and organisational development and teaching about positive psychology.

How I work

I work with a variety of techniques, all based firmly in science and practice. Nothing as practical as a good theory, as Kurt Lewin used to say. Techniques I often use include: appreciative inquiry; mindfulness; psychological capital; character strengths; broaden & build theory; growth mindset and self determination theory.

Contact: info@msteeneveld.nl or (0031) 06 – 42 58 28 32.


I write blogs  about organizations, positive psychology and mindfulness.

Various blogs: